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Call Us Today
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Rodent Proofing / Exclusion

After your home has been inspected, you will be given an estimate for sealing up your entire home which is a process known as RODENT PROOFING.

Mice and rats do a lot of damage! Rodents are able to burrow underground, chew wood, gnaw through old vents and much more! Rats, mice and all other rodents do not need much to gain access.

Rodent Proofing a home or building requires the correct knowledge, skills and experience along with the proper tools and materials. With 20+ years of experience and a phenomenal reputation to back our successful work, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time!

After our rodent exclusion service has been completed, you will be scheduled with follow up appointments to give us an opportunity to check the traps that will be set for you and keep an eye on our work to make sure you are rodent free. We will not stop until there is zero activity in your home. This promise is backed up with one of our guarantees. If the rats come back, we come back at no charge.

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