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Call Us Today
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Attic & Crawl Space Clean Out

Many times, it is not enough to just rodent proof your home. Infestations need to be removed and sanitized to limit your exposure to a host of harmful diseases, germs and viruses.
Our cleanup crew will follow our strict guidelines to restore any areas damaged by the rodents.
When rodents and wildlife infest a crawlspace or attic, they nest in the insulation that is tucked between the floor joists. As a result, the insulation becomes infested with droppings, urine and debris. The soiled insulation becomes compressed and shredded causing it to lose its ability to hold heat.
In addition to ruining the insulation in your attic and/or crawlspace, rats, mice and other rodents carry diseases. That is why it is imperative to first remove the insulation and debris and then sanitize and disinfect the area. The airborne dust from the dried rodent feces can be a factor in many health concerns.
Using the proper protective gear and our truck mounted vacuum we will remove all contaminated insulation, debris and vapor barrier along with all the droppings and nesting material that will be found in these areas. Using a truck mounted machine will help in keeping your home clean and dust free.
Rest assured that The Original Rodent Proofers will provide you with a service that will ensure your peace of mind in a clean rodent free home! Call us today at 925-848-6842 to schedule your FREE INSPECTION.